What we do

  • OSH designs and builds High Performance custom homes and "whole-house" remodels in Silicon Valley.
  • Our focus is applying modern building science to the creation of ultra-efficient, healthy, comfortable and stylish homes using sustainable building practices and "green" rating systems such as Build It Green and LEED.
  • Our experience includes designing and building the first certified net zero energy home in California
  • Our passion is working with goal-driven clients on design/build projects with "Passive House", “Net Zero Energy” or other advanced performance criteria
  • Our expertise is value-engineering designs to optimize limited project budgets and delivering on-time, on-budget construction

Who we are

  • A collaborative team of designers, builders, engineers, scientists, consultants, craftsmen and subcontractors with solid "High-Performance" and “Green Building” experience
  • Owner:  Allen Gilliland, Certified Passive House Designer, is a Licensed Contractor and building designer with a passion for quality, detail and the smell of fresh sawdust
  • Director:  Bronwyn Barry, Assoc. AIA and Certified Passive House Designer, is an award-winning designer with a passion for combining style with uncompromising performance

Services we offer

  • Home design, construction, project management, building performance design consulting
  • Integrated Design/Build project management and execution, or key roles in a broader collaborative design/build project
  • see Services for a more complete list