Sunnyvale Retrofit

Design Build: We updated this original 1950's Sunnyvale rancher to bring it into the 21st century.  A gut-remodel took the building back to its framing 'bones' and allowed us to reconfigure parts of the interior to optimize the layout. We created a lovely open-plan living-kitchen-dining area and enlarged the master suite by co-opting underutilized dead-space in the former family room.  We installed new doors and windows throughout.  The whole building was insulated, air-sealed and ventilated using the Passive House approach.  Our clients now enjoy an incredibly comfortable, mold-free living space where all rooms are now fully habitable throughout the year. 

Valley Forge Passive House Front

Valley Forge Almost Passive House, One Sky Homes, Retrofit

Valley Forge Passive House Family Room

Valley Forge Passive House Kitchen

Valley Forge Passive House Kitchen

Valley Forge Passive House Kitchen

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When these clients asked us to completely update their home we jumped at the opportunity.  Their '50's Sunnyvale rancher had not been touched since it was first built.  Everything needed fixing: kitchen, bathrooms, windows, siding, roof - the lot!  The original home was also very uncomfortable with draft, condensation and mold issues in the bedrooms that made these homeowners nervous.  

As part of our Design|Build process, we reconfigured the interior space to create an open-plan living area flexible enough to allow for multiple configurations. (Like an extended dining room table needed only for Thanksgiving.)  We craftily expanded the Master Bedroom by taking up some of the 'dead space' of the old living area.  This gave our clients a full Master Bathroom and created a larger closet space than their previous one.  All of this was accomplished without adding any additional square footage to the home.  

However, the real triumph of this home was the carefully planned and executed upgrade to the comfort and performance of this building.  Our clients now enjoy the healthiest, most comfortable living environment they have ever experienced, in every room of the house.  We super-insulated every square inch of this home, upgraded the windows to triple-pane, carefully sealed the leaky building envelope and added a Heat Recovery Ventilation system that delivers fresh, filtered air to each room in the home 24/7/365.  The home was designed, modeled to the International Passive House standard and maintains a constant comfy indoor temperature continuously for pennies a day. The only certification metric we missed here was on the air-tightness.  We reached 1.5ach in our blower-door test and were very happy with this vast improvement for this formerly extremely leaky home.